Zac Power 5: The Undercover Files (9781921759871)

Two of Zac's most secretive missions in one book: Boot Camp and Undercover!


First, in Boot Camp, Zac's is off to a boot camp! Zac loves doing drills - he's always been top of the spy ladder. But then there's an emergency at the camp, and this time it's for real. Will Zac save the day, or will he fail the biggest test of his spy career? Then, in Undercover, the GIB Headquarters has been infiltrated by a mole! A double agent - disguised as one of their own - plans to steal all of GIB's most valuable secrets. GIB call on Zac Power, their top spy, to flush out the mole. As Zac narrows down his list of suspects and closes in on his target, the trail leads Zac to the highest levels of his spy organisation - and the shocking discovery that the mole may be the head of GIB itself!

Zac Power 5: The Undercover Files (9781921759871)

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    H. I. Larry

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    English (Australia)

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    Hardie Grant Egmont

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