Zac Power 6: The City Files (9781921759888)

Two of Zac's most urban missions in one book: Mind Games and Fossil Fury!


First, in Mind Games, super smart hackers are attacking the software that protects GIB's ultra-powerful satellite, WorldEye. Sources lead Zac to Bladesville, a huge city where all the latest games and gadgets are developed. Can Zac track down the hackers, and outsmart them? Then, in Fossil Fury, Dr Drastic is claiming he has cloned a dinosaur. Can Zac escape the flesh-eating plants in Drastic's BioDome in Bladesville to find out the truth?

Zac Power 6: The City Files (9781921759888)

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  • Author & Illustrator

    H. I. Larry

  • Language

    English (Australia)

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  • Publisher

    Hardie Grant Egmont

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