Your're A Hero, Daley B! (9781406339963)

Daley B is full of questions. He doesn't know what sort of animal he is, where he should live, what he should eat or why he has such big feet. He decides to live in a tree and eat acorns, but he still doesn't know why his feet are so big. Then, one day, there is panic in the woodland. The wicked weasel Jazzy D is on her way - and she eats rabbits! But Daley B is unperturbed - and when Jazzy D attacks, he finally finds a use for his big feet and kicks her. He also finds out what he is - a hero!

Your're A Hero, Daley B! (9781406339963)

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  • Author & Illustrator

    Jon Blake & Axel Scheffler

  • Language

    English UK

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  • Publisher

    Walker Books