Wallpaper (9781849493574)

A collection of modern prints

Wallpaper has burst back onto the interiors scene and shows no sign of departing. Shedding its associations with faded country houses and tacky Indian restaurants, it now adorns the walls of the hippest clubs and restaurants as well as adding a touch of wit and style to our own homes. Here, Charlotte Abrahams has scoured the interior design world to create a stunning visual compendium of modern wallpapers. The core of the book is a collection of full-page reproductions of over 160 wallpapers divided into sections on pasted pictures, fabulous florals and architectural designs. The selection - from new young designers as well as established manufacturers - features a mix of contemporary and classic designs, including funky layered images, the latest visual technology and hand-painted historical scenes. An illustrated glossary provides details of the design and manufacturer of every wallpaper. In her fascinating introduction Charlotte reveals all you need to know about the creation and development of wallpaper over the last five centuries as well as its design history and the resurgence in popularity that has put it back at the forefront of interior fashion.
Colourful, vibrant and dynamic, this book is a resource for designers and stylists as well as a joyful celebration of this aspect of the decorative arts.

Wallpaper (9781849493574)

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    Charlotte Abrahams

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    Quadrille Publishing