The Truth About Babies (9781742376172)

The Truth About Babies is a raw, funny, beautiful and sometimes nauseating look at the first year in a baby's life. Its honesty and uncensored approach gives those who have had a baby, or those who are about to, insight into all that is unforgettable, and also what's best to forget. Every page encapsulates a fresh and disarming observation accompanied by an equally entertaining photograph. A guide for first parents as well as a book full of moments that resonate with anyone who has spent any time with these weird and wonderful creatures, this gorgeous book captures it all: the precious moments, the times of panic, the mess, the pleasure - the ear-shattering, nose-wrinkling, eye-rolling truth about babies!


The Truth About Babies (9781742376172)

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    Michael Stanford

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    English (Australia)

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    Allen & Unwin