The Tomtes of Hilltop Farm (9780863159060)

Do you know about Tomtes? They are small creatures, who only children can see. They live in ancient woods and like to help people and animals.
Hilltop Farm has not been thriving: crops are failing, the animals are badly behaved and Bella the cow is ill. Poor Farmer Robinson puts the farm up for sale. But Emily and Jamie are determined to save the farm, so they ask their friends the Tomtes for help. Together, the Tomtes and the children look after Bella, milk the goats and plant seeds. They pick wild berries, collect eggs and make cheese. Can they persuade Farmer Robinson not to sell the farm?
This is the second book about the helpful Tomtes who live in Hilltop Wood.

The Tomtes of Hilltop Farm (9780863159060)

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    Brenda Tyler

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    English UK

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    Floris Books