The Pirate House (9780230754416)

No one knows who lives in that house on the corner, but when all those seagulls fly onto the roof, Sam Turner says it must be pirates! In fact, Sam Turner tells his friends all sorts of things: that they mustn't look at the pirate washing or they will turn into jellyfish, that at night the whole house glows like an aquarium, and that if the door ever opens a huge wave will come out. And that's not the half of it. According to Sam, not only are there pirates living on their street, but a family of monsters are moving into Number 2! Surely Sam Turner is just a little boy with a big imagination . . . or is he?

The Pirate House (9780230754416)

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  • Author & Illustrator

    Rebecca Patterson

  • Language

    English UK

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    Macmillan Children's Books