The Orchard Book of Grimm's Fairy Tales (9781408309834)

By Saviour Pirotta, illustrated by Emma Chichester Clark

Step into a magical world of beautiful princesses and handsome princes, wicked witches and good fairies. Here are ten of the best-loved fairy tales from the Brothers Grimm, retold in a friendly, accessible way that's perfect for young children. Saviour Pirotta's lively retellings of these classic fairy tales are perfectly complemented by Emma Chichester Clark's rich, glowing illustrations, making this book a joy to share and a gift to treasure. Includes:

The Sleeping Princess

The Magic Gingerbread House

The Magic Bear and the Handsome Prince

The Golden-Haired Girl in the Tower

Little Mouse and Lazy Cat

The Princess and the Seven Dwarves

The Swans and the Brave Princess

The Naughty Princess and the Frog

The Girl Who Spun Straw into Gold

The Twelve Dancing Princesses.

The Orchard Book of Grimm's Fairy Tales (9781408309834)

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