The Obvious Elephant (9780747550785)

When an elephant arrives - unannounced and totally unexpected - in the village square, no one knows what it is. But everyone is prepared to make a wild guess. Could it be a train? Or a fire engine or even something for collecting rubbish? It is all down to the persistence of one little boy called Eric that eventually ensures that the identity of the elephant is deduced - and the poor thing is given a name. This is a funny, unusual and very whimsical picture book. Praise for "Obvious Elephant": "one of the year's most delightful picture books" - "Financial Times", December 2000. "I'd call it One Hundred Percent Pleasure." - "Observer Review", December 2000. "A completely enchanting and thought provoking tale." - "The Guardian", November 2000.

The Obvious Elephant (9780747550785)

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    Bruce Robinson and Sophie Windham

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    Bloomsbury Publishing