The Man from the Land of Fandango (9781847802200)

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The man from the land of Fandango is coming to pay you a call! He wears a hat with a tassel and a polka-dot tie - and he juggles and bounces and dances with bears, bison, baboons, kangaroos and even dinosaurs. He's wonderful and amazing - so watch out for him, and watch carefully - because he only appears every 500 years!

This magical, fantastical poem, full of Mahy's signature wordplay and joie de vivre, is brilliantly matched by the humour and energy of Polly Dunbar's illustrations.

The Man from the Land of Fandango (9781847802200)

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  • Author & Illustrator

    by Margaret Mahy, illustrated by Polly Dunbar

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    English UK

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  • Publisher

    Frances Lincoln Childrens Books