The Kiss that Missed and Other Stories (9781444901696)

Three Magical stories about the power of love make perfect bedtime reading.

  • The Kiss That Missed - The king is in too much of a hurry to stop for his son's bedtime. He rushes past and blows a kiss, but it misses! The kiss flies out of the window, the prince is distraught and the hapless knight is send into the deep dark forest to fetch it back. What will he encounter there?
  • Good Knight Sleep Tight - A stunning sequel to the award-winning title The Kiss That Missed. The lovable and haphazard knight is back on another quest to find the finest feathers in the kingdom to fill the royal pillow and stop the little princess making that terrible noise!
  • The Three Wishes - The lovable hapless duo from The Kiss That Missed are back! This time, the knight and his horse are left in charge of the royal prince and princess. But they find babysitting so tiring that the knight makes a wish...and before he knows it, it comes true. Instead of babysitting, therefore, they encounter a night full of magic and surprises and before too long, they are wishing they were babysitting once again!

The Kiss that Missed and Other Stories (9781444901696)

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    David Melling

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    English UK

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    Hachette Children's Group