The Helpful Elves (9780863158155)

When the lazy people of Cologne go to sleep, the helpful elves do all their work. They measure and saw for the carpenter, knead and mix for the baker, carve and chop for the butcher, taste and pour for the winemaker, and snip and sew for the tailor. But no one ever sees them. Until one day the tailor's wife becomes curious ...
This classic picture book is based on a poem by August Kopisch (1799-1853), who specialised in re-telling popular legends. It is brought to life with humorous illustrations by Beatrice Braun-Fock (1898-1973). Printed on thick, quality paper, it features delightful cut-out sections on each page.

The Helpful Elves (9780863158155)

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    August Kopisch, illustrated by Beatrice Braun-Fock

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    English UK

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    Floris Books