The Dunderheads (9781406326048)

What's in a name? Meet the Dunderheads, an unlikely band of kids with extraordinary hidden talents!

"Never," shrieked Miss Breakbone, "have I been asked to teach such a scraping together of fiddling, twiddling, time-squandering, mind-wandering, doodling, dozing, don't-knowing DUNDERHEADS!" Miss Breakbone, the school mistress, hates kids. She shouts, she confiscates, she makes kids cry. But one day she goes too far. She confiscates the one-eyed cat that Junkyard is going to give his mum for her birthday. So the children pool their many weird and wonderful talents to break into Breakbone's house and get Junkyard's cat back for him...

The Dunderheads (9781406326048)

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  • Author & Illustrator

    by Paul Fleischman, illustrated by David Roberts

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    English UK

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    Walker Books Ltd