The 700 Habits of Highly Ineffective Parents (9780522856538)

Jonathan Biggins explores the world of the ineffective parent, that dismal figure traditionally held responsible for all the sins, problems, hang-ups and disappointments of their ungrateful progeny. Yes, it is Mums and Dads who created history's long line of miscreants, from Caligula to Pol Pot, from Attila the Hun to Naomi Campbell. Who created those depressed lumps trapped in dead-end suburban lives, spending thousands on therapy, ambition thwarted? The ineffective parent. On the path to producing a healthy, well-adjusted child, the book outlines all the ways in which a parent can go wrong, from the patchouli birth-plan and the Nordic nursery design to being terrified of your child or believing that little Tarquin is a genius at five years old. This is an essential guide for parents or anyone (unwisely) thinking about embarking on that life-long adventure.

The 700 Habits of Highly Ineffective Parents (9780522856538)

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    Jonathan Biggins

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    English (AUS)

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    Melbourne University Press