Tales of Toyland (9781405266895)

'I don't want to stay in this nursery,' sobbed the fairy doll. Jolly the sailor doll loves to sing his jolly sailor songs, but the mean old toys in the nursery tell him to be quiet. When Tiptoe the fairy doll arrives, Jolly is the only toy to be kind to her. Jolly and Tiptoe have had enough - they are off on the express train to Toyland!


Join Jolly and Tiptoe on their adventures in wonderful Toyland. They will meet all sorts of extraordinary characters like the Wobbly Mr. To-and-Fro and the funny Clockwork Clown! As well as the exciting Toyland tales, this collection includes many other little adventures to enjoy

Tales of Toyland (9781405266895)

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    Enid Blyton

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    English UK

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    Egmont Books

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