Stylish Dress Book (9781780671079)

Simple Smocks, Dresses and Tops


Stylish Dress Book features an A to Z of cool tops and tunic dresses that you can wear anywhere. Using simple shapes and individual details, this book shows you how to craft a stylish collection of garments to your own taste. For anyone who knows the frustration of going shopping and finding racks of identikit clothes in cheap fabrics, this book offers a fabulous homemade alternative. As every sewist knows, DIY fashion is the best way to be stylish.

What makes these Japanese sewing books different from other guides on the market is the simplicity of the projects. The instructions come through a series of simple, step-by-step diagrams, so the sequence of construction is easy to follow. The book also includes four actual-size patterns. Choose from 26 different garments and then set to work to make your own unique outfit.

Stylish Dress Book (9781780671079)

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    English UK

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    Laurence King Publishing

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    Yoshiko Tsukiori