Spider McDrew (9780007141609)

Spider McDrew is the lovable boy who can't help being one step behind everyone else in his class. Three gently and funny school stories in one book. A Roaring Good Read for confident readers.

Spider McDrew is a hopeless case - or so everyone says - but somehow he always manages to surprise everyone. Spider is slow and a dreamer, the sort of child who is always one step behind the rest of the class, but this doesn't mean he's stupid - far from it. Three gently humorous stories about this loveable character - his adventures at school. There's a football story - quite by accident Spider scores the winning goal; a pet story - Spider brings a cow into the playground for his school pets' project! And a school play story where Spider stars, by default. Bursting with character and originality, the author offers acutely perceptive snapshots of contemporary school life.

Spider McDrew (9780007141609)

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    Alan Durant

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    English UK

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    HarperCollins Publishers

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