Snook Alone (9781844282791)

A faithful little dog must survive on his own in the wild in this captivating tale of loss and reunion.

Abba Jacob is a monk who lives on a faraway island with his loyal rat terrier, Snook. Every day Snook keeps Abba Jacob company as he prays or works, tending the gardens or fixing the plumbing of the little hermitage he calls home. But when the two are separated by a ferocious storm, suddenly Snook must learn to fend for himself in the wild. Will he ever again hear the loving voice that he waits for? Simply and lyrically told by award-winning poet Marilyn Nelson and exquisitely illustrated by Timothy Basil Ering with wit, warmth and a clear affection for the natural world, this is a moving, evocative tale of friendship lost and re-found against all odds.

Snook Alone (9781844282791)

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  • Author & Illustrator

    Marilyn Nelson and Timothy Basil Ering

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    English UK

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    Walker Books