Snake andLizard (9781921351969)

Snake and Lizard began to laugh, gently at first, and then so strongly that they were rolling round the floor with hiccups.
When they'd stopped, Lizard said, 'Oh Snake! What an adventure!'

Snake's stomach was aching with laughter. 'I don't know why we argue like we do,' she said.

'It's because we're so different,' said Lizard. 'But oh Snake, you are still my best friend.'
'And you are mine, dear Lizard,' said Snake. 'Only do me a favour please. No more surprises!'

Like all friends Snake and Lizard have their differences and their different ways of looking at the world. This delightful collection of stories written by Joy Cowley with lively full colour illustrations by Gavin Bishop will be much loved by children and adults alike.

Snake andLizard (9781921351969)

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    Joy Cowley and Adam Bishop

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    Text Publishing