Princess Poppy: Get Well Soon (9780552556040)

This book tells a brand-new story in the best-selling "Princess Poppy" series!


When Grandpa gets ill Poppy can't think about anything else because she is so worried about him. She is missing him such a lot that she can't even concentrate on practicing for her gym club competition which is most unlike her as she is usually desperate to do the best that she can. When Poppy visits him in hospital she hardly recognizes Grandpa because he's looking so pale and thin, but when she sees his familiar stripey pyjamas and starts chatting away to him about what she's been up to, she knows it's him after all. Every time she visits, Poppy is sure that Grandpa is looking a little bit better and convinced that her wish for him to be home by the weekend will come true.


Find out how Poppy helps Grandpa to get well again and whether she will be a gym princess after all.

Princess Poppy: Get Well Soon (9780552556040)

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  • Author & Illustrator

    Janey Louise Jones

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    English UK

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  • Publisher

    Picture Corgi