Pets and Parties Magical Mix-up Activity Book (9780857631619)

Princess Sapphire and Emerald the Witch live in the mixed-up land of Mixtopia, where everything is just a little bit odd. let's face it, perfect princesses and scruffy witches are not usually best friends. It's Sapphire's birthday and she longs for a pet of her own. Emerald's present is the next best thing - tickets for an amazing animal magic show! But the star - a performing cat! - has mysteriously disappeared. What a mix-up! Can the girls find her one their own? No, they can't! They need you to finish the illustrations and make sure Sapphire's birthday is perfect.

Pets and Parties Magical Mix-up Activity Book (9780857631619)

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    English UK

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  • Publisher

    Nosy Crow

  • Author & Illustrator

    By Marnie Edwards, illustrated by Leigh Hodgkinson