My First Car Was Red (9781877467684)
Grandpa brought me a surprise. 'For you,' he said. It was rusty. Really rusty. But you could tell what it was - a little car! Exactly my size. 'Diesel or gas?' I asked Grandpa. 'Sweat,' he said . Your first car is always the best. And your first trip is unforgettable - even when it doesn't go exactly to plan.


WHY I CHOSE THIS BOOK "This story has the pace of a rocket ride. Told squarely through the voice of the young narrator, it has the depth of a novel, and a lovely dry wit." Publisher Julia Marshall

My First Car Was Red (9781877467684)

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  • Author & Illustrator

    Peter Schossow

  • Language

    English (New Zealand)

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    Gecko Press