Monstrosity (9781869508333)

By popular demand Monster and his mayhem are back, with a storm of tricks and trouble to delight another generation of naughty children. In the nineties Janice Marriott published the individual adventures of Monster Brewster, a trouble maker extraordinaire, who drives his friends and family crazy with his evil genius for practical jokes. Now his four separate adventures have been modernised and combined into a single story, retitled and rereleased for the enjoyment of another generation of naughty children. Hugely popular when Janice reads to classes in her school visits, her knack for capturing the sense of humour of nine year old boys is apparent, and her funny and infuriating Monster has them rolling in the aisles. Monster hates brussel sprouts, and his memorable battle with Aunt Mildew, who is determined to make him eat a plateful is legendary - with his increasingly devious plans to eliminate the foul vegetable from his plate. Monster works his way though a series of child-centric dilemmas and misunderstandings in his inimitable way, spreading mayhem in his wake and thoroughly deserving his nickname.

Monstrosity (9781869508333)

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    Janice Marriott

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    English (New Zealand)

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    HarperCollins Publishers

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