Draw your own adventure! These books take great subjects for boys and combine them into short, bonkers, and funny stories that are incredibly easy to read. The illustrations are bold and crazy, and there's plenty of space left on each page - together with suggestions for how to fill it - so kids can add their own drawings. The books read as hilarious, zippy stories that look a lot like novels but are terrific doodle books as well.

The Earth is in peril. Aliens are trying to stop it spinning so everyone will fall off and they can take over. Mwa ha ha ha! But fear not! The Mad Scientists are building an underwater machine to save the day. If only the Aliens would stop zapping them with their Frazzelizers.


Mega Mash-up: Aliens v Mad Scientists under the Ocean (9780857630094)

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  • Language

    English UK

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  • Publisher

    Nosy Crow

  • Age

    7-10 years

  • Author

    Niklas Catlow and Tim Wesson