Matter of Fashion (9788854406506)

When it comes to fashion, the term "icon" is almost invariably associated with a person: a man or, more often, a woman whose style has left a mark on the collective imagination. And yet, there are also objects that have the same extraordinary evocative power, items of clothing or accessories which, in different ways, have revolutionized the history of fashion. The birth of the Burberry trench coat, flat pumps or Givenchy's little black dress were milestones after which nothing was ever the same. Each designer, label or fast-fashion manufacturer has had to come to terms with fashion icons' existence, by quoting or revisiting them, or simply by copying creations that have now become classics. Some of these are even known by their original name, like the Kelly bag and Borsalino hats. Others, over the years, have also gained sociopolitical connotations (Levi's jeans, for example, which were once workwear, became a symbol of the Sixties youth revolution), while others, such as Hermes scarves and Chanel No.5 perfume, continue to be status symbols. This book with historical illustrations, cult advertising and beautiful still life shots of the products featured, narrates the history and anecdotes, and tells of the famous people and intrinsic values relating to the must-have fashion items. AUTHOR: Federico Rocca was born in Sondrio in 1975. He graduated from the DAMS at Bologna with a degree in history, writing his thesis on Peter Del Monte, which was considered for the Premio Sacchi award. He then worked in screenplay writing, first for Telepiu, and then for Sky, after which he entered the fashion world. As editor and author, he published Embroidery Italian fashion (2006), Silvana Mangano (2008), Contemporary Indian fashion (2009), and edited Hermes, l'avventura del lusso (2011). Today he is a professional journalist and fashion editor for, the fashion and lifestyle portal of Conde Nast. 180 colour photographs

Matter of Fashion (9788854406506)

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