Mac O'Beasty (9780980556452)

Brilliantly illustrated... beautifully written. An often hilarious story about a big, fat Scottish monster called Mac OBeasty, who ate junk food all day long and became so fat he didnt have the energy to dance to the music from his own bagpipes. All of his friends danced and danced to Mac OBeastys great music, and it made him feel sad because he was not able to. He had never run, or climbed a tree even. Mac loved eating sugary food and fatty, yukky junk food and it was making him so fat he could hardly move. One day, a little monster called Julie, who was a personal trainer told Mac that she needed to help him to lose some fat! Julie helped Mac to walk, run, exercise, and in six months Mac lost heaps of weight and he just loved the change to his life. He also could dance now. His feet just began to move one day when he was playing his bagpipes...and he danced, and danced, and it felt so good. Mac learned how much more fun he could have by being healthy, so he joined Julie, the personal trainer, and they helped other monsters to be healthy and happy.

Mac O'Beasty (9780980556452)

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    Adam Wallace

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    English (Australia)

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