Little Else: Trick Rider (9781741758771)

Little Else Book 1


When Little Else joins Ma Calico's Bush Circus, she becomes La Petite Elsie and does leaps and lofty tumbles with Joe, The Flying Giuseppe, and the crowds love them. But mean Ma Calico won't pay them a penny. The circus horses are sick of hauling Ma around the country, and the other performers want Little Else to stand up to her. So Little Else decides to track down the wild bushranger Harry Blast. Would he be a match for Ma?

Julie Hunt's adventure stories are funny and full of larger-than-life characters. No other heroine has quite as much courage, or luck, as daring Little Else. Fortune favours the bold in the Little Else series!

Little Else: Trick Rider (9781741758771)

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    Julie Hunt and Beth Norling

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    Allen & Unwin Children's Books

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