Jack and the Baked Beanstalk (9781742760445)

"Snap!" went the beanstalk, and down, down, down fell the giant. Crash, bang, wallop, right on top of the new flyover.' In a 1950's-looking future, Jack and his mum run a little burger van cafe. The cafe is close to broke because of the new flyover so when Jack comes home with only an old can of baked beans in return for their last few pennies, his mother throws it out of the window. Overnight it grows into a gigantic baked beanstalk, which takes Jack to the castle of a giant who spends his life counting his huge fortune. Jack helps the giant to find something more fun to do - namely becoming the famous chef at Jack's new cafe.

Jack and the Baked Beanstalk (9781742760445)

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    Colin Stimpson

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    English UK

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    Scholastic Australia