Into the Unknown (9781406304794)

How did they do it? Find out how the greatest explorers in history pieced together the picture of our world that we now take for granted, in this dynamic unfolding cross-sections book!

Join acclaimed illustrator Stephen Biesty and popular children's history writer Stewart Ross, as they themselves explore some of the boldest, most daring expeditions of all time, using fold-out pages, cross-section drawings and dramatic storytelling. Twist through the waves of the stormy North Atlantic in a Viking knarr with Leif Ericsson or burst into the stratosphere in a balloon with Auguste Piccard, cross the deserts of the Silk Road in a caravan with Marco Polo or land on the moon in the Apollo 11 lunar module... With this book, you can travel through time and space, in non-fiction that's as exciting as exploration itself!

Into the Unknown (9781406304794)

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    English (UK)

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    Walker Books

  • Author & Illustrator

    Stewart Ross, illustrated by Stephen Biesty