I Want A Mini Tiger (9780330503983)

This little girl wants her very own miniature wild animal. Anything from a little snappy happy crocodile and a tiny trundle rumble elephant, to a pocket-sized grizzly bear. But as her big brother explains, a real wild animal would make a terrible pet. You can't nuzzle a crocodile, or tickle a wild elephant, and a grizzly bear belongs in a cave not a pocket! But there's one pet, a tiny pet, that loves to be tickled and cuddled. It's like a tiger, only much smaller... A delightfully rhythmic tale, bursting with imagination, and a playful introduction to a world of wild animals.

I Want A Mini Tiger (9780330503983)

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  • Author & Illustrator

    Joyce Dunbar & Lara Jones

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    English UK

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  • Publisher

    MacMillan Children's Books