Grow It Eat It (9781405328104)

From the experts at the RHS, a wonderful children's book that combines cookery and gardening into one.

Is your child a budding gardener or chef? Kids will love learning how to plant seeds and turn their produce into delicious meals to eat. They'll have juicy tomatoes that make fantastic pizzas, plump pumpkins for a perfect pie, luscious strawberries for a smashing smoothie and many more tempting treats. They'll discover how food grows, from photosynthesis to pollination and learn to care for their plants. Once they've picked their crops, there are healthy recipes for snacks, lunches and dinners that are really tasty and will encourage your child and family to eat well.

And you don't need a garden either: Grow It, Eat It includes plants that can all be grown in pots. So gather your seeds and your pots and pans and dig into this incredible book for children.

Grow It Eat It (9781405328104)

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    Dorling Kindersley