Dragon Blood 9: The Sorcerer's Death Mask (9780734410955)

Back in Alleric Castle, Al, Owen and Mahoot stumble upon a book called "The History of the Sabre". The book tells them about a sorcerer who was buried along with all his treasure in a crypt on Dragon Island, a golden death mask set upon his face. Keen to find more treasure, Captain Gunner is happy to accompany the boys to Dragon Island. Once there, however, they are attacked by a massive, fierce dragon which, despite shots and stabs, does not die. It is deathless. As it roars a mighty roar, the boys notice a dark diamond stuck between its teeth, explaining everything. Seeking shelter in a nearby tunnel, the boys then spot Snotty Nell, who has also come looking for treasure. Luckily, Snotty has been drinking sahlep, and the drink s delicious fragrance makes the dragon run after her, allowing the boys to make their way into the crypt. Once inside the crypt, Gunner and the boys discover an enormous amount of treasure and begin carrying it aboard The Invincible. Al then decides to rescue Snotty from the dragon by stuffing sahlep into a large leg of pork and dangling it in front of the fierce creature.
The plan works even better than expected: as the dragon bites into the pork, the black diamond dislodges from its teeth, and the dragon falls over the cliff into the sea, where Greeny Jack hungrily awaits.

Dragon Blood 9: The Sorcerer's Death Mask (9780734410955)

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    Dan Jerris

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    English AUS

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    Hachette Australia