Dragon Blood 5: Treasure and Trouble (9780734410764)

Al, Owen and Hally are back in the Dragon Blood Islands, this time kidnapped by Snotty Nell. When Blacktooth attacks The Tormenter, stealing Snotty s treasure, the ship is left in ruins and gradually drifs into Shipwreck Island. Here they fortunately find new treasure as well as sails for their ship. With The Tormenter back on its feet, Snotty wants revenge. She finds Blacktooth at war with Gunner. While the three pirates are fighting, Greeny Jack joins in, determined to eat Snotty up once and for all. Al, however, throws all the hot salmagundi (pirate stew) aboard the ship into the shark s mouth, prompting the great creature to thrash and shudder and twist until its bright green vomit is finally released all over Gunner s boat! While cleaning up the vomit, Mahoot finds the elephant idol s other emerald eye Greeny Jack has vomited it up. The emerald is returned to Grandfather, who is over the moon. Grandfather then gives Al Prince Alleric s diary. The diary is full of fascinating tales as well as intriguing codes. Before long, Al has worked out that the prince s magical sabre is in Ghost Island. Gunner says there s no way they re going there. But while sailing they are shot at by Blacktooth and end up shipwrecked in that very place

Dragon Blood 5: Treasure and Trouble (9780734410764)

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    Dan Jerris

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    English AUS

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    Hachette Australia