Dragon Blood 12: The Power of Scabbard (9780734410986)

The Scabbard of Invincibility finally has its four black diamonds in place and this means its powers are back in action: when Al wears it, he is invincible. When he, Owen and Snakeboot the cat return to the Dragon Blood Islands, Gunner is delighted. But can Gunner be trusted?
After docking in town, Gunner sends the two boys, along with Mahoot, to Spong s store to buy a compass. While the trio is away, Gunner sails off with the sabre and scabbard, leaving the boys behind. Gunner s plan is to attack Blacktooth and regain Velvetfoot s treasure. However, instead of running into Blacktooth s ship, he runs into Snotty Nell, and she promptly steals the magical weapons from him.
Days later, in town, Al, Owen and Mahoot are surprised to see Snotty Nell heading for Spong s store with her daughter, Grenda. Grenda drops the boys a note, alerting them to her mother s plan. Soon the boys discover that Spong is to auction off the sabre and scabbard. Worried, as they have no money, the boys head to Alleric Warehouse, where Snakeboot helps them discover some of Prince Alleric s lost treasure a box full of emeralds. With these, the boys manage to win the auction and regain possession of the sword and sheath. However, it isn t long before Blacktooth appears. Having arrived in town, he s heard of the boys victory and wants to take the weapons from them. He kills Snakeboot and threatens to kill Al s friends, leaving Al no choice but to hand over the sabre and scabbard. Blacktooth then proceeds to dump the boys on a rock in the middle of the ocean.
Meanwhile, Gunner is riddled with guilt about what he s done. Fortunately, Snakeboot, who d only lost one of his nine lives, reappears and helps him rescue the boys. Gunner is then determined to make amends by helping to recover the sabre and scabbard. Pretty soon, a battle ensues, which Blacktooth loses, and the boys return home...

Dragon Blood 12: The Power of Scabbard (9780734410986)

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    Dan Jerris

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    English AUS

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    Hachette Australia