Dragon Blood 11: The Zombie's Treasure (9780734410979)

When Al and Owen travel to the Dragon Blood Islands, they land on a strange boat with only one man on board: Velvetfoot, the last of the deathless pirates and possessor of the fourth and final black diamond. From their hiding place, Al and Owen watch as Velvetfoot kidnaps Blacktooth and his crew. He forces each pirate to drink from a blue bottle and, within seconds, the pirate becomes a zombie, prepared to do whatever is asked of him.
When Velvetfoot finally sets anchor, Al and Owen follow him to a secret cave, which they later discover is filled with the most incredible treasure they have ever seen. They then decide to make a raft for themselves and the strong currents carry them to none other than Gunner himself, aboard The Invincible. When the boys tell Gunner about Velvetfoot s treasure, he wants to steal it, of course. They travel back to Velvetfoot s island, but discover that the deathless pirate has been waiting for them, along with his zombies, and soon enough a battle ensues. Al, Owen and Mahoot, who have managed to hide, watch as Velvetfoot forces Gunner and his crew to drink from his blue bottle, turning them all into zombies as well.
The boys know they must act quickly. When Velvetfoot emerges from his cave, they throw a large fishing net over him and trap him, taking his diamond ring and rescuing Gunner and his crew in the process. Al and Owen must now return to the twenty-first century to add the final black diamond to the scabbard. They promise to return to restore Sabre Island with the scabbard s incredible powers.

Dragon Blood 11: The Zombie's Treasure (9780734410979)

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    Dan Jerris

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    English AUS

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    Hachette Australia