Dogbird and other mixed-up tales (9780552553513)

WOOF! Alice's new pet budgie doesn't speak. It barks! Dad says the bird must go, but what do you do with a barking budgie? OINK! When greedy Albert pinches a Mars bar, his grandmother warns him of the curse of the were-pig. Will he grow a curly tail when the sun comes out? RIBBIT! The croaking frog in the garden is driving Looby loopy! Grandad wonders if it's an enchanted prince, but Looby doesn't believe in fairy tales any more. Maybe she should just give the frog a tiny kiss ...Three lively, funny tales from Smarties Prize-winning author Paul Stewart.

Dogbird and other mixed-up tales (9780552553513)

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  • Author & Illustrator

    Paul Stewart, illustrated by Tony Ross

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    English UK

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  • Publisher

    Corgi Childrens