Charlie & Lola: Boo! Made You Jump! Board Book (9780141383903)

Charlie likes to make Lola jump, but Lola can never make Charlie jump. Lola says, "But I really want to make you jump, Charlie." And Charlie says, "OK, Lola, but that will NEVER happen." So Lola tries everything she can to scare Charlie. In the park, Lola and Lotta shout 'Boo!' - but it doesn't make Charlie jump. Then they dress up as scary ghosts, but that doesn't frighten Charlie or Marv at all. Later, Lola tells a story about a terribly, terrible very old castle and a scary ghost ...but Charlie still isn't scared one bit! Will Lola manage to think of anything to make Charlie jump?

Charlie & Lola: Boo! Made You Jump! Board Book (9780141383903)

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  • Author & Illustrator

    Lauren Child

  • Language

    English UK

  • Format

    Board Book

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