Albert Le Blanc to the Rescue! (9780007250684)

The wonderful sequel to Albert le Blanc, from the highly-regarded creator of the Percy the Park Keeper books.
Albert le Blanc's friend, Sally the toy hippo, has been bought by a little girl. Every day, they walk past the shop and Sally gives Albert a wink, as he sits in the window. Albert waves back and wonders if he will ever be chosen as a child's best friend.
The, one day - disaster - Sally tumbles out of the girl's rucksack and is snatched away by a stranger before anyone can stop them. Stuck inside the toy shop, not daring to move, it seems there is nothing Albert can do to help his friend...
Will there be a happy ending for Sally? And, will there ever be a happy new home for Albert?

Albert Le Blanc to the Rescue! (9780007250684)

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  • Author & Illustrator

    Mick Inkpen

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    English (UK)

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    HarperCollins Publishers